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Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Rules

  • Shower before use

  • Bring your personal towel & bathing suit

  • 10-min session, up to 5-min soak time

Cold Plunge

How can I prepare?

You can start by getting comfortable in cold showers. Regular cold showers will help you understand the basic physiological responses that you will experience in an ice bath, and you'll get better at managing them. You can also practice deep breathing by starting with 1-2 min each of alternate nostril breathing to help you relax, then finally end with 1-3 min of powerful inhales and exhales through the nose.


How do cold plunges affect the body?

The cold plunge puts your circulatory system into overdrive, increase blood flow, constrict blood vessels, and improves the circulation of blood near your skin and vital organs. Once you exit the tub, the blood vessels re-open, improving circulation and helping to flush out parts of the immune system.


What is the water temperature?

Our cold plunge is maintained at 40F degrees.


How long do I stay in?

The target time of a cold plunge is 2-3 minutes to tap into most of the cold-immersion benefits, such as relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Cold Plunge

How often should I take a cold plunge?

Two to four sessions per week is enough to relieve symptoms and see benefits.

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